About Me

There’s nothing out there quiet like the feeling of knowing that you finally found the answer that you’ve been looking for to solve a problem that has plagued you for such a long time as my acne plagued me.


My issue was that it would affect me socially to the point where I simply refused to show my face at certain places, times, or when I new certain people were around. I felt like this thing that I had no control over, that I could never wrangle and finally get rid of, was something that I felt a great shame over. It was like this was some sort of physical representation of who I really was, and I didn’t like what I was seeing. I knew there was someone else under all of this, and I was determined to make sure that they got out.


As many of you have done, I spent an exceedingly long time in search for a way to get rid of my acne. Various medications, treatments, therapies, home remedies, etc. All of them failed, and I felt like it was just a way of things telling me that “this is how it is”. I refused to believe that, and continued my quest for an answer.


At one point, I felt like I had exhausted absolutely everything. At one point I was just skimming certain websites because I had already read over that information a million times before. I remember it being such a demoralizing experience that made me want to quit every day. At one point, I just decided to start from scratch. Try to forget what I have done, and really start from zero. My hopes was that I missed something, and going back to the very beginning would help me find just want that missing something was.


This proved to be the right move and I’m enjoying the results that my actions brought upon. I finally found the answer I had been looking for, and I can finally enjoy being me. The real me, the me I chose to show everyone, where I had complete control, unlike my previous situation where it was as if I was living with some sort of curse. Something that made me stand out in a hideous way from everyone else. Something I had absolutely no control over and I hated myself for it. Now, it’s no longer like that. I can finally enjoy this freedom, and I want to make sure you do too.


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