How I Finally got rid of my acne with Calamine Lotion, Sleep, and Garlic

My biggest problem with acne was the fact that my face was always oily. I would always read that there were individuals who were getting away with washing their face only twice a day; morning and night. I couldn’t possibly wait that long in between. At about noon, I would already feel as if my face was being weighed down by oil, and then in the late afternoon I would feel it again, assuming I got a chance to wash my face earlier. I had to find a way on how to get rid of acne that was suited for me.


With all of this extra oil around, there’s a lot more of the necessary ingredients available to create the right environment for acne to start, and stay there if nothings done. Reading about other people’s skin types, acne types, and the solutions that worked for them, I noted that the biggest thing that all of these solutions had in common was that they worked by soaking up extra oils, and drying up existing pimples, whether they were on the surface of the skin, or deeper.


My solution was calamine lotion. There are people on forums, blogs, and other comment sites where they note that it was highly effective for drying out existing pimples, reducing redness and inflammation, as well as shrinking cysts overnight, and eventually bringing them to a head, once again, with reduced redness and inflammation. How to Get Rid of Acne Wiki actually had a lot of info about its effects on other people based on their search of forums where people talked about their acne. Anyways, Calamine was exactly what I was looking for because my biggest issues were:

  • Oily Skin
  • Pimples
  • Cysts
  • Blackheads due to excess oil blocking pores

After a lot of reading and experiment with a bunch of other how to get rid of acne remedies, I began using calamine lotion with the intent of sticking out with it on a daily basis for a solid month, only later to find out that I would see effects much earlier. I would shake the bottle up, and using a cotton swab apply directly to the center of pimples and cysts, and then around them a little bit. I would go over again once it dried to get two layers.


By next morning, I could already see that things had reduced in size. Cysts were smaller, pimples were dry and turned into tiny little scabs that came off when I washed my face and patted with a towel. I was very surprised that it was this effective. I used this daily before sleep, and left it on overnight. I would lay down a towel or a T-shirt I did not care too much about on my pillow, because when calamine dries, it comes off easily if you rub up against something.


Using it regularly, redness was reducing, and pimples were shrinking. Because I didn’t have large mounds pulling upwards on my skin, my face started to look and feel a lot smoother with dramatically less bumps than I was used to. Overall, I was finally starting to get rid of acne. I also started eating a bit healthier, such as eating garlic regularly and going to sleep at a regular period of time as I read was beneficial on pretty much every health blog ever.


Over all, this helped dry out all of my existing pimples, and anything that was going to come up eventually. I noticed that when I didn’t have as many pimples on my face, I didn’t feel oil building up in large amounts on my skin, so I no longer felt like I needed to wash my face 6 times per day. It was great. If this method works for you, please write something in the comments. I would be very excited to know that others experienced the same results as I did!


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