What was My Acne Type, and What is Acne?

To be able to find a solution to a problem, you need to know what the root of that problem is. For acne, you have understand just why it happens, and what variables come to play. Acne happens when there are excess oils on the surface of your skin, and those oils get mixed with a whole bunch of grime, dirt, grease, and dead skin cells on the way out of your pores. If there’s a block that’s created by this, you may get lucky and have that block happen near the surface of your skin where it just becomes a blackhead, or if you’re unlucky and it happens somewhere deeper in the pore, then you can get inflammation, and the block can result from having anywhere from a small pimple, to a large cyst depending on the severity of the block. Inflammation, the redness, and the pain from having acne is one thing, having to walk around with it is another, and it sucks. If you want to read a more scientific version of this, just check out Wikipedia’s entry for Acne (Vulgaris)


Those things that are usually associated with acne are usually diet, especially milk and dairy products like chocolate. You often hear people get outbreaks of acne if they eat chocolate, so you need to keep this in mind. Other things include the lack of exercise being the culprit. Exercise helping you get a sweat that then cleans out your pores from the inside out is highly suggested. Drinking plenty of water, and making sure you’re getting plenty of sleep is another variable that you luckily still have control over. The big factor that plays into causing the environment that acne lives in are fluctuating hormones, and that’s just something you don’t have much of a say in unless you’re a female suffering from acne. In that case, you have the option of going on birth control that does the trick of balancing hormones for you.



I had acne very similar to this right here

Anyways, I found a solution that worked for me. I spent a lot of time on the internet asking questions, and reading comments on a lot of home made remedies to get rid out of acne. I compared the kind of problems other people were suffering from to my own, and that is what best helped me determine a method that was right for me. When I finally found something that worked, I was filled with joy. I made this blog in the hopes that someone else can be helped the same way I did by making sure the method that worked for me is always available on various websites just in case anything happens to one of the others.


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